CQC Videos

Here’s a collection of videos for self-defense that we have either produced, participated in or found intriguing.

Close Quarter Combat Tactics

See effective CQC in action. Find out how this month people in the USA, Asia and Europe will have a chance to learn effective street survival tactics

Close Quarter Combat Knife Defense

Be taught by Close Quarter Combat expert Glenn Zwiers. In this Free lesson he will teach you simple and effective knife defense against a frontal stab.

Krav Maga Self-Defense Techniques : Close Quarters Combat Techniques for Krav Maga

In this free video clip learn how to properly inflict groin kicks according to Krav Maga teachings for self-defense training.

Tactical Training, Extreme Close Quarter Shooting, Tactical Knife

Tactical Training for Law Enforcement, Military, Security Personal. The clip shows Tactical Baton, blade and lots of extreme close quarter shooting.

Israeli Counter Terrorist School

A short extract from Channel 2 news on Israel Public access Television.