Ever since a child abduction social experiment video was released in 2015, it has spurred widespread discussion among those who saw it – whether parent or not. The video shows a man in his 20s or 30s approaching children aged 4-5 to see if they will talk to him or walk off with him. Sometimes he

Active shooter training

Tuesday, 06 October 2015 by

Active shooter training If you turn on any news or talk channel you will be bombarded with the debate on gun control.  The latest mass shooting in Oregon has set off another heated round of arguments, with fingers pointing in every possible direction.  I’m not going to discuss my personal viewpoints here; rather, I want

Martial Arts Elite Training Center Do what your told when you must do what is important. Other than that, question everything. We make breakthroughs when we question and act. So go do it. Don’t sell yourself short. If you have a vision, go after it. If something needs changing, change it! Spouting off poetic and

What is your martial arts motivator? What is your martial arts motivator? What drives you to do go the extra mile, one more drill, one more punch, kick, knee, elbow, arm bar, triangle, take down. Just one more…rep. Rebellion is my motivator. Rebellion inspires. When you do something outside of the norm and yield a

We can’t change community by words alone. We have to do it by actions. We all get wrapped up in our own lives. Sometimes things seem so overwhelming! It is understandable. There’s the push to make money, family obligations, business issues, people not coming through on their word / huge lack of integrity, selfishness, etc. However

Dom Raso

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Dom Raso We are excited to announce that Dom Raso is coming to us to give a two-day seminar. At Elite Training Center we have an awesome Krav Maga program, and the things that Dom Raso will teach will reinforce and supplement a lot of what our students are already learning. Dom Raso is an

Self Defense Training in the South Bay Below is a press release that didn’t receive much press. The person who sent this to me actually said it most likely wasn’t released due to the fact that people in the South Bay don’t want their property values to go down. I’m sure that’s not the case.

Finding Time to Train Martial Arts   Finding time to train Martial Arts like Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and MMA is usually the one thing that we can all agree is difficult. Yet we can find time to do many other things that don’t bring us positive results. We have jobs, families, pets, debts, and

Knife self-defense

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Knife self-defense Knife self-defense!  Learn from those who experience extreme violence, where self-defense involves protecting oneself from guns and knives, and knife self-defense is very important. “South Africa: Where Corruption, Rape and Murder are Normal” The following link will take you to an article posted by a Combatives Instructor in South Africa and it addresses

Martial arts training

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Martial arts training Summer’s coming! For some of us, school is already out and summer is here, even though the calendar doesn’t say that’s the case till this weekend.  While most of us welcome summer even if it only means a summer mindset, it can be a challenging time to keep up your martial arts