Tommy Aaron

Muay Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga, MMA, Kids and Youth CMMA Instructor

“What I love most about teaching and being at Elite is that I can share my Knowledge with the students. My hope is that this information will not only help them now and later on in life, but to also become better that I am as a Martial Artist.”

Tommy AaronMartial Arts Training

  • Martial Arts Experience Muay Thai Kickboxing Black Belt under Professor Brian Rauchbach
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt under Professor Tony Pacenski
  • MMA Black Belt under Professor Brian Rauchbach and Joe Pardo
  • Krav Maga Black Belt under Professor Brian Rauchbach
  • Kali/Silat and Filipino boxing under Willie Laureano
  • Fight experience and knowledge in Savate under Willie Laureano and Nicolas Saignac
  • Western Boxing under Professor Brian Rauchbach and Josiah Doby
  • Studied under Juanito Garcia, Damien Garcia, Cristobal Crespi, and Jose Luis Castillo Garcia
  • Studied under K-1 world champions Cesar Cordoba, Chris Ngimbi, Petra Van Jeesen Doorn, and Fight Coach Marco van den Broek
  • Taekwondo studied under Kru Salvador Vasquez Fonseca

Martial Arts Competition Experience

  • Black House fight team member as one of the amateur fighters with coach Kenny Johnson
  • Member of the national Thai boxing team ages 14 to 17 for the Asociación Española de Muai Thai
  • Member of Shambhala Fight Team, Intersport Palma Fight Team, Club de Hielo Fight Team, S.N Boxing Fight Team, and Meng-Ho Fight Teamin Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Martial Arts Accomplishments and Teaching Experience

  • Krav Maga Alliance Level 2 instructor certification under John Whitman
  • S.E.R.E certified under Army Ranger Will Green and Navy SEAL Pat Mulderrig
  • Bolt Wrestling Certified under Kenny Johnson
  • Wrestling for MMA Certified under Kenny Johnson
  • 12 years of international experience in martial arts in places such as Spain, Holland, Germany, and Thailand

Fight Experience

  • Holds a 3-0 record as a Pankration fighter under CAMO
  • Holds a 5-0 record as a CAMO fighter for the University of MMA
  • University of MMA Featherweight Champion
  • Holds a 2-0 professional record for RFA
  • 1st Place at Best of the West BJJ tournament in 2011 and 3rd place at NABJJF in 2013
  • 2007 Fought for the Baleric Thai Boxing Championship Competed in full gear and Muai Thai rules tournament for the Baleric Islands Thai boxing championship)