Colleen Marconet

Krav Maga and Kickboxing Instructor
Program Director

“Elite Training Center has given me the tools to be both a better person and a better instructor. As a student I have learned to focus and to have discipline & determination within every aspect of my life. I have learned to accept repetition, defeat and frustration without loss of enthusiasm.”
“As an instructor, it is important that I do more than provide knowledge and that I inspire change in my students and in their lives. I believe that learning is more than just absorbing facts, but it is also acquiring understanding while having fun. It takes more than just having good technique or the proper credentials to become a great teacher. Having an amazing mentor is the most important part of my teaching. By having both my mentor and Elite Training Center, I gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become an outstanding individual who can have a positive impact on others & their lives.”

Colleen-MarconetMartial Arts Training

  • Krav Maga Black Belt under Professor Brian Rauchbach
  • System Close Quarters Combat training under Brian Rauchbach
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing Brown Belt under Brian Rauchbach
  • MMA Purple Belt under Professor Brian Rauchbach and Joe Pardo
  • Filipino Boxing


  • CT707 Certified under Nir Maman
  • Krav Maga Alliance certified instructor
  • Trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing in Thailand (Tiger Muay Thai)
  • Bolt Certified under Kenny Johnson
  • Wrestling for MMA certified under Kenny Johnson
  • Tactical Pistol level 1 and 2 Training under Will Green and Brian Rauchbach

Fitness Experience

  • Tri-athlete and tri-athlete Coach for over 3 years emphasizing on short distance events
  • Personal Trainer Head Coach for organized women’s boxing and weight loss programs