Located in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Elite Training Center provides all-ages personal self-defense and fitness for everyone, from the general public to the military, police officers and others who protect the public.

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The Best Martial Arts in the South Bay

Elite is proud to announce it received the "Best of the South Bay" award for Best Martial Arts for 2013. Elite thanks all who made this possible and recognizes this award mirrors the academy's tremendous growth over the past year. Thank you South Bay. Elite is so proud of its Los Angeles roots.

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Everyone Needs Self-Defense

Here at Elite Training Center (Home of Los Angeles South Bay Krav Maga, Combative Mixed Martial Arts, and more) we believe that personal self-defense is not about ending up in a fight. It's about having the training and confidence to avoid potentially dangerous situations while being able to take charge and escape danger if the need ever arises. These skills provide peace and confidence to our students along with an excellent fitness workout. Elite Training Center blends the values of Respect, Honor, Strength, and Discipline into all of our training.

One of the things you will notice when first entering the studio is how respect comes into play. The newest student is treated with respect and kindness by everyone, from other novices to black belts. This “family” atmosphere makes training, while challenging, both comfortable and fun. And Elite Training Center’s instructors all have operational experience of how to apply techniques in real life situations. Our training is always evolving through continuous technique improvement, where applicable, to provide you with the most effective, most current and safest self-defense.

Here at Elite Training Center we have many different programs for the beginner to advanced student, if it's to come in and get the greatest fitness based workout of your life with the Thai kickboxing, flex fit and yoga classes or you would like to take part in all of the current  self-defense style classes which make up our full combative mixed martial arts system, we have the program that will fit your needs.

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 Here's an overview of the self-defense and fitness programs that we offer:

Combative Mixed Martial Arts™

The term Combative Mixed Martial Arts™ summarizes Elite’s philosophy. Combative Mixed Martial Arts represents the continuum of martial arts systems for self-defense: Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Kali/Silat, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and more. Students choose which combatives they desire to learn or can progress in multiple disciplines concurrently or serially. Both men and women benefit from Combative Mixed Martial arts regardless of strength or conditioning.

Combative Mixed Martial Arts addresses specific self-defense scenarios from the street or for law enforcement or military personnel. These MMA techniques have been mixed with various combative principals from CQC systems such as Krav Maga, LOTAR, Kali/Silat and Naval Spec war Combatives to help to create a more complete and well rounded fighter using techniques that have been battle tested in the streets, on the battlefield, and in the cage or ring. It combines the Hand to Hand fighting and releases of Krav Maga, the Gun usage and Disarms plus the arrest and control and counter terror techniques of LOTAR, the knife, stick, various weapons as well as the hand-to-hand attacks and defenses of Kali/Silat and Jiu-Jistsu, Boxing and dirty Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Combat Submission Wrestling of Mixed martial arts. This combination of systems truly brings back the idea and warrior ship of mixed martial arts. This is how systems have been created in the past. We find this brings forward the best combative process for the martial artist to excel and become the most complete fighter possible.

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Krav Maga for Adult Men and Women

Our Krav Maga self-defense system works for anyone because it adapts to every size, shape and age. At Elite Training Center (Los Angeles South bay Krav Maga), we teach simple, intuitive techniques designed to help you stop an attacker and “walk away.” Krav Maga also serves as the self-defense component of the LOTAR system that is taught to police, military, and security personnel. Krav Maga is offered for youth as well.

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For Police, Security and Military Personnel

Customized for law enforcement and military personnel, the CQB counter-terrorism system at Elite Training Center is effective and efficient. It incorporates Krav Maga as self-defense while expanding to encompass training for police, military, security and other personnel who need to control situations as part of their job. Origins were born in the most elite counter-terror unit of Israel. The guiding principle is to neutralize the threat quickly, in the simplest and most instinctive way, by utilizing empty hands or firearms, or by improvising weapons.

Our system was created around modern day martial arts and is continually modified to address our ever-changing world and the need for new, adaptive techniques. It can make the difference between life and death as well as the successful completion of a mission or assignment. Elite Training Center is proud to offer special discounts for those putting themselves in harm’s way for our communities and our country.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling-oriented Martial Art style with proficiency on ground fighting. Since the beginning, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was developed out of real fighting situations standing up or on the ground. In that regard the style was based on what is real instead of what could be real. Training and learning underlined this philosophy so techniques were not designed only for sports with rules, but instead techniques were designed to effectively address the actual tactics and strategies of a real fight using practical movements instead of flashy and theatrical nonsense. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu prefers to bring an opponent to the ground and rely on grappling techniques to subdue the opponent using holds, armlocks, chokes, leglocks, and strikes. This strategy takes away the advantage of an opponent with superior striking abilities. It can also mitigate the advantage of a stronger and much larger opponent to rely on wrestling or grappling.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is integrated into several of the systems that Elite Training Center teaches. Our MMA, Kids CMMA, Youth CMMA, Krav Maga, and Law Enforcement/Military programs incorporate many techniques that have been drawn from or refined by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In the same way that BJJ is a blend of martial arts systems, the martial arts philosophy at Elite Training Center is to draw from the most efficient and effective martial arts from around the world. For our programs, we find that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offers many benefits in both technique and philoshopy.

Muay Thai Kickboxing for Adults

Kickboxing is taught as a self-defense technique, as an athletic sport and as an excellent cardio workout. Out instructors teach both the art and technique of kickboxing for sport, while addressing its potential usage for safety while “in the street”. As with all Elite Training Center classes, the principals of Respect, Honor, Strength, and Discipline are essential components of our kickboxing training.

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Kids CMMA (Ages 5-11)

It's never too early for children to start learning self-defense and our core principles. At Elite Training Center, children are taught Respect, Honor, Strength, and Discipline in a safe and fun learning environment. These techniques build strong character, greater respect for parents and others, and strong bodies.

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Youth CMMA (Ages 12-16)

One of the fastest growing sports in the U.S., Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is taught as a sport and as a self-defense system. Adults training in Mixed Martial Arts learn both standing and ground techniques. Presented by instructors who also serve as role models, our youth MMA program blends martial arts techniques with our principals of Respect, Honor, Strength, and Discipline.

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About Elite Training Center

Elite Training Center (formally LOTAR Self-Defense) offers locations in Redondo Beach, California, and Hermosa Beach, California, in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Elite Training Center is a martial arts studio focusing on self-defense and fitness. Students include South Bay residents and those in the Los Angeles region, male and female, adult and youth, those with no prior self-defense experience and those experienced in martial arts. Teaching confidence while respecting others, our academy is founded on the four principals of Respect, Honor, Discipline, and Strength. Techniques include LOTAR and Krav Maga (intuitive self-defense independent of strength or size), Muay Thai kickboxing, Adult Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as sport, youth MMA that emphasizes our founding principles, and Kali/Silat/Eskrima (Filipino open hand and stick/weapon fighting). Elite Training Center instructors are experienced both in teaching and in application of defense techniques in actual street or combat situations.